Patrick Robert Johnson


Say hello to Patrick Robert Johnson, born April 26th, 2012. Three days later we moved to our new house in Somerville, MA. I'll post photos soon.


This weekend's project was to make croissants from scratch. I had a bit of information overload because I was comparing four or five different recipes. I ended up following the Bread Bible for the most part, except to use a more traditional method to incorporate the butter into the dough. Thankfully, I had my friend Anne O'Donnell to work on this with me so that we could learn together.

Shaped dough before rising


Risen dough


The finished product


Another nytimes article on quantum computing

Scott Aaronson, a researcher in the field, has written a nice perspective on quantum computing. His analogy of a decoherence to a collapsing souffle is nice.

Quantum Computing in the NYTimes

There is a story about quantum computing in yesterday's NYTimes. The story is particularly about superconducting qubits, which is my area of research, and quotes my advisor Rob Schoelkopf.

A Press Release Gone Awry

This is about the worst example I have ever seen of a new physics result being completely misreported by the media. Way to go Fox News for consistently finding ways to bring the bar even lower!

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