Another attempt to grow some herbs

I am making another attempt to grow some herbs. This year, I thought a little further ahead and decided to start them inside. As you can see, they have sprung up out of their little pods. Another week or two and they can move outside!

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  1. 2592 Maddy Elfenbein April 20, 2009 4:47:am

    Hi, Blake,

    Saw your note about Habari in the Harvard Fifth-Anniversary Report. What a cool project--thanks for sharing it! It's easily the most useful thing I learned from the Report ;).

    Best, Maddy '04

  2. 2593 Blake Johnson April 20, 2009 10:26:pm

    @Maddy: I'm glad that you found my note! Find anything else interesting in the report?

  3. 2594 Blake Johnson April 20, 2009 10:34:pm

    Seemingly, the entire world of facebook users thinks that this is a post about marijuana. I'm sorry to disappoint you (facebook users), but it is not. It is about gardening. Specifically, I am attempting to grow basil, italian parsley, and mint. I have a minor interest in gardening inherited from my mother and fueled by my interest in cooking. I welcome comments about gardening, especially those relevant to starting plants from seed. You are also welcome to poke fun of me for my disastrous attempt to grow the same plants last year which yielded a bad poison ivy rash all over my body, rather than herbs useful for cooking. Other comments are just going to be deleted.

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