Alphabet Soup of Particle Physics

Wired has an amusing guide to the particles of the Standard Model. I especially like the description of the neutrino.

Quantum Computing For Everyone

Michael Nielson provides an interesting discussion of the question “Can you give me a simple, concrete explanation of how quantum computers work?”: quantum computing for everyone

Babies are Quantized

A blog post which tickled my physics nerd funny bone: babies are quantized.

Using Photos to Enhance Video

This is awesome technology:

For those worried about their granite countertops

Chad Orzel provides a link to some expert commentary on radiation levels from counter tops (you shouldn't be too surprised to find out that there is nothing to worry about). Chad also takes the interesting position that perhaps the NYTimes should engage in doing science. After all, it would not be too difficult to carry a Geiger counter into a few homes and measure the radiation levels.

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