5 ball juggling - video 6

The juggling videos return!

It has been a very long time since I have uploaded one of these. I seem to be in a strange state where my first attempt of any given day is dramatically better than the following attempts. For instance, today, I picked up my juggling balls and immediately made 40+ throws. Then I went to make this video and couldn't break 20 or so. In any case, you should still be able to see that my juggling has gotten more relaxed. My largest issue right now is with collisions. I think this is happening because I occasionally throw a little lower with my left hand than with my right.


Today I turn 27 years old. Thank you all who have passed along your greetings and well-wishes!

I am developing a backlog of things I want to blog about, so before I forget to do them entirely, here's a list of things you should see here sometime soon-ish:

  • Another juggling video. I haven't stopped working on my 5-ball juggling. I still can't juggle 5 indefinitely, but I can fairly regularly do 30+ catches.
  • Display of the new speakers that Phyllis bought me for my b-day, and discussion of how I chose them.
  • Excitement/commentary on the last few episodes of BSG
  • Display/commentary on the culinary delights from our superbowl party

5 ball juggling - week 7

The juggling videos are finally back after a 3 week hiatus. Sadly, this does not mean that I found my camera, but rather than we have another digital camera which can also capture movies.

5 ball juggling - week 4

So, I missed a week on the juggling videos... That was partly due to a lack of practice. Between Phyllis graduating and a wedding this past weekend, there hasn't been so much time for goofing off. In any case, check out how I am doing in the video.

This was actually not the best night for me, as I struggled to get past 10 throws many times. Yesterday I was getting 15+ throws regularly, and I have had a couple runs of more than 20. Eh... there's always next week.

5 ball juggling - week 2

Another week, another installment of 5 ball juggling. Last week I could do 6-7 catches pretty regularly. Now, I am up to about 10.

And some bonus 3 and 4 ball juggling:

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