A Press Release Gone Awry

This is about the worst example I have ever seen of a new physics result being completely misreported by the media. Way to go Fox News for consistently finding ways to bring the bar even lower!

Fantastic Contraption

After discovering it on a physics blog yesterday, my labmates and I have all become obsessed with a flash physics game called Fantastic Contraption.

Procrastinators may want to stay away.

Spherical Cows

Uncertain Principles has some excerpts on the utility of spherical cows.

Alphabet Soup of Particle Physics

Wired has an amusing guide to the particles of the Standard Model. I especially like the description of the neutrino.

Quantum Computing For Everyone

Michael Nielson provides an interesting discussion of the question “Can you give me a simple, concrete explanation of how quantum computers work?”: quantum computing for everyone

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