Port and Starboard Tacks

Today's lab regatta was a success. After my usual fumbling about with the rigging, I remembered what I was doing and was able to pilot the boat with little difficulty. This morning, though, I attempted to teach my labmates some sailing terminology as well as explain the rules of right-of-way. And while I correctly remembered that a boat on a starboard tack has the right-of-way over one on a port tack, I goofed up my definition of port/starboard tack.

This is not a new error for me. I have always wanted starboard tack to mean that the boom is on the starboard side of the boat. But no, it means that the wind is coming from the starboard side. In other words, it is the complete opposite. My definition makes much more sense to me....

So, how do I go about convincing the entire world of sailing to change the definitions of port and starboard tack?