Another nytimes article on quantum computing

Scott Aaronson, a researcher in the field, has written a nice perspective on quantum computing. His analogy of a decoherence to a collapsing souffle is nice.

Quantum Computing in the NYTimes

There is a story about quantum computing in yesterday's NYTimes. The story is particularly about superconducting qubits, which is my area of research, and quotes my advisor Rob Schoelkopf.

"Quantum Processor" result hits the press

News of our latest result is starting to appear in the media. Engadget has the funniest version so far. For a more serious article, you can view the Nature news story.

Terry Eagleton adds his voice to the science and religion dialog

Stanley Fish reviews his book for the NYTimes.

Congrats to the writers of BSG

I'd like to say, "congrats" to the writers of BSG for actually using an explanation which is scientifically correct. In episode 15, Anders says that the Final 5 traveled to Kobol by "relativistic but sub-luminal speeds". Thereby allowing them to age much less than those in stationary frames around them. Yay special relativity!

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