First Indian Wedding

I experienced my first Indian wedding last weekend in Houston, TX when my friend Sunil got married. I had a ridiculously good time. It was, of course, quite different from a Western, Christian wedding. In particular, there was more dancing. And many more older people got involved in the dance. I got a real laugh when several gentlemen told me that I needed to buy Phyllis a necklace to go with her sari (basically, more bling = better). Happily I will get to experience another Indian wedding very soon when Sunil's brother, Rahul, gets married in August.

Photos from the weekend can be viewed on my flickr set.

Randy and Kristen's wedding

I have uploaded the first batch of photos from our trip to California. As you can see, I was at another wedding, this time of my cousin Randy. The reception was outside, and it didn't get dark until the end of the reception, so it was a lot easier to take photos than it usually is at weddings.

Lots more photos are forthcoming.

My Sister's Wedding Website

kbwedding-design-small.jpg I did the site design for my sister's wedding website last weekend. It is a very simple design, but I was happy with getting a few decorative elements inside containers that expand to arbitrary size (yay bulletproof web design!).

A new camera and other news

Phyllis and BlakeWow, it has been over a month since my last blog post. I guess that is because I got rather busy in lab. We cooled down a sample mid-November and I was in lab every day until Christmas (except Thanksgiving). Hopefully all this work will produce some progress!

In the meantime there have been several holidays, during which good times were had by all. I got a new digital SLR (a Canon 30D) which has revived by interest in photography. Witness the proliferation of photos on my flickr account, if you don't believe me. We also got some fun news right after Christmas: Kelly and Brandon are engaged! I think Brandon is a great guy, so I am very happy for my sister.

This also means that my wedding count for the next year will rival the six weddings I went to in 2007 (not including my own). I wonder how long this wedding season will continue? I still have a lot of unmarried friends...

Our Nerdfighter Wedding

My cousin-in-law, John Green, is co-author of video blog Brotherhood2.0. Last week featured an entry from Phyllis and my wedding! Our hotel in Lake Louise had a computer with internet access but no speakers, so we watched it several times without sound trying to figure out what John was saying about us. Eventually we broke down and went to an internet cafe in Banff to get the full experience.

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