YLS Graduation

It is another Tuesday, and for the past two weeks I have uploaded a video showing my 5 ball juggling progress. That video will be delayed a couple days this week because I missed about a half week's worth of practice. It was for a good cause, though: Phyllis graduated from law school on Monday!

mccartney-thumb.jpg It was a crazy and fun weekend. We had Phyllis' family in town, and my parents came, too. We went to several receptions, we had over 50 people in our house at one point, and among all that I had to squeeze in time for maintaining my experiment.

Yale graduation was a lot like Harvard graduation, except that they have more space so there is no crazy line to get into the yard. Paul McCartney received an honorary doctorate in music. While I was actually at the event, you probably saw more of him on the news than I did. You can see the extent of what I saw in the photo which accompanies this post.

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  1. 491 Sean H June 4, 2008 1:32:pm

    I was there as well... posted a video I recorded of McCartney here: http://www.seanhenri.com/sean_henri/2008/05/paul-mccartney.html

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